(A Humane Way to Control Feral Cat Over-Population In A Colony Of Cats)  

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Sadly, there is no rescue shelter for older cats that were born outdoors and lived without human touch. Only the kittens can be saved if people volunteer to foster and learn to tame feral kittens.

Sadly, people wait too long before calling for help and there is not enough manpower and foster families to help. They wander industrial areas, mobile home parks looking for food and some people give their time to feed them and manage cat colonies through TNR, (trapping, neutering and releasing).

Many of the elderly feed back yard stray cats that give birth to feral kittens that most often bring enjoyment to the elderly watching them play and frolic and then the population begin to grow. People don't realize that kittens can become pregnant at 5 months old and the males can impregnate even their mother at 4 months of age. Each kitten can have an average of 5 kittens every 65 days! Yes, gestation is only 65 days and momma cats that are nursing can become pregnant while nursing, too.

Property values plummet in high stray and feral cat areas as cat fights permeate the night and cats suffer with abscesses that go without treatment and infections and death are eminent. People feeding cats without calling and investigating solutions for spay neuter are part of the problem. Often they are forced to call for help when neighbors complain and the city forces the homeowner the get rid of all the cats within a certain period of time. 

Sadly, there is no real rescue for feral cats. There is no where to relocate them all. Shelters kill wild and fractious acting cats!

TNR before the situation gets out of hand is the only humane option.

Community Animal Network does not believe euthanasia should be used as a birth control method.









(Trap, Neuter and Release)






Many Stray Cats Were Not Spayed Or Neutered.






Some Of These Cats Belonged to Someone.

No Identification Is The Number One Reason Shelter Cats Are Not Returned to their Owners.







Micro-chip Your Pets And Don't Forget To Pay And Additional Fee To  Register the Microchip In The National pet recovery Database.





Lost Cats Look For Food And Live In Groups Called Cat Colonies. 





Living Outdoors Is A Hard Life!




Sometimes When Trapping A Cat To Alter And Release You Discover A Really Nice Kitty. 

But, It Has To Have Someplace to Live Otherwise It has to Be Released. 

Please Consider Becoming A Foster Parent to Help Save Local Animals.



At The time Of Altering Feral Trappers Request "Ear Tipping" Be Done When The Kitty Is Under Anesthesia.

Ear Tipping Signals That the Cat has Been Spayed Or Neutered.




Some Cats When Trapped Are Shy And Scared.


Some Cats Act Fractious And Leap
To Attack With Fear.




Some Cats When Trapped Are Relaxed And Passive.



Some Cats When Trapped Look Like Ones We Have At Home.



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Our purpose and mission:

To provide veterinary medical services for homeless, or “at-risk” shelter dogs and cats; including  community outreach programs, spay/ neuter, veterinary medical treatments, procedures and surgeries to facilitate the adoption these animals and to provide the financial resources necessary to support the rescuing of these animals.



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