Last Chance For Cowboy




This is Cowboy’s last round-up and he needs your help! The ninety pound Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Cowboy faces euthanasia if money can’t be raised for an extensive eight week boarding and training package. This is his story and the last chance for Cowboy! 

Most all of us admire beautiful dogs whether big, round, small or tall. Most dogs tolerate our children, erratic hours, missed attention, but, some breeds cannot do without training that conditions the animal to go against centuries of breeding. This is why Cowboy needs your help.

 For centuries, Rhodesian Ridgeback’s were bred for hunting lions; some individuals of the breed can show dominance with other dogs and small animals, and yet loving with people.

 Cowboy’s life has stirred up dust from a thousand country roads; leaving Southern California in 2011 for a life on a ranch in Northern California where he lost an eye after being kicked by a horse.

 A microchip led Cowboy back to Orange County after he entered the Santa Clara Animal Shelter when his owners lost their home and horse property. 

 “Cowboy doesn’t know how to behave around other dogs and hasn’t learned to read dogs’ body language that says, “I don’t want any trouble”.", says Diana Foster of Assertive K-9 Training who will train him if enough funds can be raised.

 How much can you round up to help?

Training and conditioning is an important part of any dogs integrating well into society.

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